Why Elevator 365?


Building Owners

  1. Obtain transparency and visibility into the composition of their maintenance fee

  2. Reduce repair costs not covered under contract

  3. Defer elevator modernization costs

  4. Reduce elevator consultant costs

  5. Reduce inspection and violation costs

  6. Reduce downtime and tenant complaints

  7. Reduce building owner stress



  1. Receive the budget you need to perform maintenance properly

  2. Reduce repair and callback costs which devour profits and cause contract cancellations

  3. Specify and enforce maintenance task procedures within the service ticket

  4. Specify and enforce safety procedures within the maintenance service ticket



  1. Obtain specific maintenance tasks and procedures for each service call right on their mobile device

  2. Access service activity history on their mobile device

  3. Get the time they need to do the quality job they want to do

  4. Technicians who work with Elevator 365 do a better job because their maintenance tasks for each device are delivered right in their service activity



  1. Properly maintained elevators result in much higher levels of tenant satisfaction

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